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Mastering Difficult Conversations

Finding a better way to have tough conversations!

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Stop avoiding tough topics and learn to have considered and constructive workplace conversations

In this course you will learn…

When you join Mastering Difficult Conversations, we will give you the knowledge and tools you need to master workplace issues as they arise.

How Mastering Difficult Conversations Works


Interactive Lessons

Click, read, watch, and reflect as you immerse yourself in a learning experience designed to be informative and fun.


Gain Insight

Through our easy-to-follow lessons and activities, you will cover the information you need to master difficult conversations.


Strategies & Tips

Learn practical tools and techniques for planning, having, and following-up your next difficult conversation.


Put Theory into Practice

Lesson by lesson, you will build knowledge, skills, and confidence to move beyond avoidance and towards having more constructive conversations.

Course Lessons

Welcome on board! In this lesson we will cover basic housekeeping items, orient you to the course, and provide a brief introduction to difficult conversations.

Next up, we start unpacking the topic by looking at what makes conversations difficult and exploring the reasons many people choose avoidance. We will make our case for moving beyond avoidance and convince you it’s time to have those tough conversations!

In this lesson we start breaking the process down and you’ll learn various tips and techniques for preparing to have difficult conversations. We will explore the practicalities of having conversations and show you how to recognise and control your emotional reactions. You will learn that “failing to prepare, is preparing to fail” (Benjamin Franklin).

This lesson unpacks common communication concepts and provides important information and tips to support you in communicating more clearly, authentically, and compassionately.

The focus of this lesson is on the actual conversation and amongst other useful tips, you will discover our conversation blueprint. By the end of this lesson, you will have a clear process to follow, knowledge of common communication traps, and tips for addressing overdue conversations and heightened emotions. You will learn to take control and improve your conversation outcomes!

In this lesson you will learn a clear and useful process for completing your post conversation tasks, including documenting, debriefing, and following-up.

Here we will review key learnings and wrap up our time together. We will also ask you for feedback and provide you with a personalised course certificate to download.

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