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Foundations in Motivational Interviewing

Improving the way you have conversations about behaviour change.

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Learn more effective ways to work with people struggling with change.

In this course you will learn…

When you join Foundations in Motivational Interviewing – you’ll learn a better way for talking about behaviour change!

How Foundations in Motivational Interviewing Works


Interactive Lessons

Click, read, watch, and reflect as you immerse yourself in a learning experience designed to be informative and fun.


Gain Insight

Through our easy-to-follow lessons and activities, you’ll uncover the philosophy and Spirit of Motivational Interviewing.


Strategies & Tips

Learn practical tools and methods for incorporating Motivational Interviewing into your work.


Put Theory into Practice

Lesson by lesson, build knowledge, skills, and confidence to have effective conversations about health-related behaviour change.

Course Lessons

Welcome on board! In this lesson we will cover basic housekeeping items, give you an overview of the course, and start digging into the history, definition, and evidence base for Motivational Interviewing. You’ll uncover the reasons why Motivational Interviewing is so effective when it comes to working with behaviour change.

Next up you will learn about the key ingredients of Motivational Interviewing, including the Spirit and key principles for understanding behaviour change.

In this lesson you’ll discover the four fundamental processes of Motivational Interviewing as a way of understanding a process you can follow. Gain confidence in the steps needed to have a successful Motivational Interview.

This lesson focusses on translating knowledge and skills you have covered into practice. During this lesson you will learn how to use key Motivational Interviewing tools and techniques.

Here is where we will review key learnings and wrap up our time together. We will also ask you for feedback and provide you with a personalised course certificate to download.

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