About Us

We are a values-led company with a strong desire to support others in achieving their goals. We believe in abundance over scarcity, genuine relationships over transactions, and actionable change over talk.

Our approach is pragmatic, honest, and person-centred. We understand life can be busy and we’re here to make things easier. We won’t side-step challenges or waste your time with unnecessary or irrelevant pursuits. We are value-driven, solution focussed, and genuinely invested in making a positive difference.

We believe in using quality evidence to inform our work and strive to create empowering, respectful, and safe spaces to achieve your goals.

Let us bring our knowledge, humour, collective experiences, and qualifications to your project!

Our special interests include:

Our Vision

To be a partner of choice for people and businesses who are seeking to make meaningful change in their own or another’s mental health, wellbeing, and quality of life. When people talk about addictive behaviours, developing workforces, leadership, and change, we want a seat at the table.

Our Values


We treat people with compassion and dignity; essentially treating people the way we want to be treated.


We do, what we say we will, demonstrating our commitment to authentic, honest, and ethical behaviour.


We aspire to be the best at what we do and to consistently deliver high quality work, exceeding people’s expectations.


We are driven to create meaningful and sustainable impact so people receive compassionate, evidence-informed, quality care.

Meet our Directors

Tamara Laing

Tamara has worked in the human services sector with government and non-government community organisations since 2006. With substantial experience in veterans’ mental health, substance use, gambling, trauma, and mental health she began her career in therapeutic counselling before extending into Senior and Executive management roles. Tamara has abilities to connect with people, think strategically, and balance operational and business goals. She is known for her calming influence and capacity to lead people through challenging and complex problems.  Her pragmatic, relationship focussed, and structured approach to work supports her clients to receive high-quality and thoughtful solutions. 

Tamara is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and AASW Accredited Supervisor, with additional qualifications and training in alcohol and other drugs, therapeutic counselling, leadership, and governance.  Motivated by a commitment to social justice, equity, and life-long learning, Tamara also holds a Master of Public Health and a Master of Health Leadership and Management.

Nicola Coalter

Nicola is a registered psychologist, coming into the profession following a career in alcohol and gambling businesses. Studying behavioural science and writing an honours thesis on gambling within families, she continues to work with harm minimisation to build capacity to respond to gambling. Nic is skilled in communicating theories, research, and evidence into everyday language, working to understand problems, synthesise evidence and create solutions for policy and practice in diverse environments. 

Nicola has held management and executive roles in business and human services sectors and works in a process-driven manner while advocating for evidence-informed policy underpinned by social justice and human rights.  She holds a masters in public health, post graduate qualifications in alcohol, other drugs, mental health, and governance.

Some of our past and current business clients: